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8 Moments From ‘The Hills’ That Prove Brody Jenner’s New Sex Advice Show Will Be Amazing

Let's just admit that Brody is the sexpert we all want and need in our lives.

If we’re being totally honest, there is NEVER enough Brody Jenner on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Sure, he’ll pop in once every few episodes to remind us he’s an heir to the Jenner-Kardashian dynasty, but it usually ends in some awk moment like that time he walked in on Kim taking a naked selfie or that other time he got mercilessly teased for having a crush on Kim (ew).

Thankfully, Brody is now staking his own claim on E! with a new series called “Sex With Brody.” Yep, really. The roundtable talk show will feature Brody in all his “sex connoisseur” glory (E!’s words, not ours) as he fields questions about love, relationships…and, of course, sex.

The show — which has been picked up for four episodes and premieres July 10 — is based on “The Brody Jenner Podcast With Dr. Mike Dow,” which launched in January. Dow, a relationship therapist and TV personality, will join Brody as one of the hosts, alongside comedian Stevie Ryan. E! has also said there will be guest appearances from Christina Milian, model Joanna Krupa, and “Girl Code’s” April Rose.

In the network’s announcement, E! assured us all that Brody is a “notorious expert in the dating arena” who will be “hitting the phones and the streets to encourage strangers to ‘strip down’ and reveal their burning thoughts around sex and relationships.” Intriguing, amirite?

In case you’re having any doubts about Brody as a certifiable sexpert, look no further than these 8 examples from “The Hills” for proof that he’s more than qualified.

  1. He knows how to make a girl feel special.

    Brody has perfected the art of sweet talking, and frankly, we’re looking forward to him sharing his skills with the men of the world.

  2. He’s a good kisser.

    OK, so I don’t *actually* know this based on experience, but Lauren never complained and I trust her opinion.

  3. He’s brutally — but fairly — honest.

    Homeboy tells it like it is. If he isn’t feeling something, you’ll know about it, and that’s refreshing in a dating world where everyone’s trying to be a ~player.~

  4. He values friendship and commitment.

    Ain't nobody got time for bad friends, including Brody. Everybody deserves to be treated respectfully, and that means sticking to your word and not leaving your friends hanging.

  5. He understands when love is good…and when it’s not.

    Wise words here from the Brode (side not: why is his show not called “Brode Code?”)

  6. He’s dealt with his fair share of tough women.

    Look, no offense to Kristen or Jayde, but they had their “bats—t crazy” moments that Brody had to deal with. That makes him an expert IMO.

  7. He understands the importance of cuddling…

    Foreplay, duh.

  8. …And he shows it!

    All talk and no game? Nah, that’s not Brody’s style. If he says he’s a cuddler, he really IS a cuddler, dammit.