The Rock Teases Whether 'Furious 8' Will Hit New York

Start your engines.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Vroom, vroom, it sounds like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is ready to get behind the wheel for another installment of the "Fast and Furious" franchise. And this time, it seems like the GPS on the action franchise might be set for a destination in New York City.

"Possibly, possibly," Johnson told MTV News backstage at last night's (April 12) MTV Movie Awards of the next film in the franchise. "I think we let '[Furious] 7' come out, which it has, then 'Fast 8.'" He said he'd talked to co-star Vin Diesel that very day, and the duo decided, as he said, "whatever we come up with for 'Furious 8,' we've gotta raise the bar in terms of action, yes, I think, but in terms of story and character."

So you heard it here: sounds like The Rock is in. Among the reasons he loves the movie, he said, is that "I got to say the most absurd, ridiculous lines." Oh, you mean the part where he said "Daddy's gotta go to work" and then flexed a cast off of his arm? Sounds about right.

On top of that, the film is going gangbusters at the box office, which is a cherry on top for Johnson, who called the success "just bananas."

"Whether it did ten dollars or a million dollars, the fact that fans love the movie and it was a great tribute to Paul," he said, is what makes it a success for him.

"Furious 7" is in theaters now.