Ed Sheeran's Music Will Totally Put You To Sleep -- Literally

But if it doesn't, here are 11 other sounds that will absolutely make you fall...ZZZZZZZ

Tossing. Turning. Staring at the clock. Endlessly rewinding that super dumb thing you said to that girl/guy that you wish you could take back. Insomnia is the worst. Better crank up some Ed Sheeran. Wait, what?

Now, normally you probably think of Ed Sheeran's music as something to dance to, make out to, or just nod your head like, "yeah... Ed, me too!" to. But the soundtrack of nappy time? Really?

Well, according to Spotify's global list "Top 20 Most-Streamed Tracks For Sleep," Ed is #1 with "Thinking Out Loud," which joins six of his other songs ("I See Fire," "The A Team," "Tenerife Sea," "Give Me Love," "Photograph" and "Kiss Me") in the top 20 most snoozed-to, alongside songs by Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, John Legend and Coldplay.

Don't really want to snooze to Ed and Co? Well, we have 11 other suggestions from the MTV News staff that are guaranteed to have you counting emojis:

  1. 'No One's Gonna Love You,' Band of Horses

    "Majestic, full of love and like a warm, velvet embrace." - Gil Kaufman

  2. 'Song For Zula,' Phosphorescent

    "The strings are very relaxing and it's just a gorgeous song." - Rachel Paoletta

  3. Pure Heroine, Lorde

    "Every time I fly, I listen to the Lorde album because it makes me fall asleep. It's super chill and calming." - Stacey Sommer

  4. 'Crystalised,' The XX

    "I love to jam out to The XX while I'm fully awake, but there's also nothing quite like the moody, melodic tunes of 'Crystalised' or 'Angels' to help me get to a comfortable enough place to sleep while I'm panicking in an airplane, or about stuff I have to do in the morning in bed." - Shaunna Murphy

  5. 'Stay Awake,' London Grammar

    "I'm not trying to be ironic, but London Grammar's 'Stay Awake' is such a mellow track that it's become a favorite on my sleepytime playlist. Hannah Reid's voice is incredibly soothing, she makes me feel calm." - Nadeska Alexis

  6. 'Tom's Diner,' Suzanne Vega

    "That little 'doot doot doot doot doot' lullaby." - Stephen Fishbach

  7. "Something about the sound of 'Pac's voice just helps make the eyelids droop." - Kaufman

  8. 'Only Living Boy In New York,' Simon & Garfunkel

    "They're the musical equivalent of driving around the block for an hour for me. Combined with, it can put me out in under 10 minutes." - Katherine Speller

  9. 'San Francisco,' Foxygen

    "To me, Foxygen's music is a dream, or at least what dreaming should feel like." - Rachel Paoletta

  10. Flaming Lips Boombox Experiment

    "Dozens of fans pushing 'play' on cassettes of weird ambient noise. The audio equivalent of being hypnotized with a pocket watch." - Kaufman

  11. 'Jezebel,' Iron & Wine

    "Wanna feel like you're falling asleep in some bower of flowers in medieval times? That's basically this." - Brenna Ehrlich