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Is Scott Eastwood Charming IRL? Britt Robertson Knows!

Answer: Yes, but he has ONE FLAW.

With reporting by Shaunna Murphy

Grab your tissues and gird your loins, everybody, 'cause it's that time of year again!

No, not allergy season: Today marks the release of yet another Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation, that exciting annual event wherein we all spend Friday night sunk down in a theater seat, emotionally eating an extra large popcorn, feeling extremely angsty about the inadequacy of our own relationships compared to the one currently onscreen.

And to celebrate this moment, MTV News sat down "The Longest Ride" star Britt Robertson for an interview. In the video below, the actress opens up about her role as Sophia Danko, a.k.a. the gorgeous heroine of "The Longest Ride" who you're going to spend all night comparing yourself to.

What does Robertson love about Sophia? For one, she's a girl who knows what she wants.

"For me that's a really great quality in a young woman, to know what you want to do so early on, and do what you can to achieve it," she said. And what she likes best is that her character knows what she wants on all fronts, not just professionally.

"She's not so focused that she loses out at the chance for having love. She meets a guy that she likes, and she's not afraid to chase that dream, either."

And speaking of that guy: You'll be delighted (or possibly devastated) to know that Scott Eastwood, her gorgeous co-star, is just as awesome offscreen as he is in the movie.

"I think he's very charming," Britt said. "I don't think people would be sad if they met him. He's so charming and suave, in a cool way, not in an intimidating way."

We're gonna go ahead and say that Ms. Robertson is correct on this front; we, personally, would not be sad if we met Scott Eastwood either. However, he apparently isn't perfect. His one horrible flaw?

"He's better with the horses than I am, but he has horrible posture," Britt said.

In other words, if you start feeling really and truly angsty over how you'll never get to date the hunky hero from "The Longest Ride," just tell yourself that you could never love a man who slumps in the saddle.

"The Longest Ride" releases nationwide today, April 10.