Your New Favorite Pop Punk Band Doesn't Exist -- Wait, What?

We have their new video right here, but their corporeal bodies... Not so much.

I have some good news and some bad news: The good news? You're about to find your new favorite '90s band, and we've got their very first video, for the song "Calling You Out," right here. The bad news? Um, they don't really exist...

I know. What am I talking about? Let me explain.

Crimson + Clover is a New York pop punk band consisting of Sam Crowley, Nate Silver, Grant Smith, Eames Deveraux and Tom Needleman -- a.k.a. a whole bunch of dudes who don't exist. Or, rather, they exist solely in the pages of "A Million Miles," Amy Madden Fleisher's YA coming-of-age novel about an aspiring teenage label head who goes on tour with her favorite band.

Despite the fact that they are not, well, corporeal -- the band does have a new song and video out, as Madden decided when she first put out the book at the end of 2014 to bring Crimson + Clover into the real world.

"I just wanted it to be real," Madden, who self-released both her book and C+C's music, told MTV News. "I always wonder what happens at the end of stories -- like when you see movies like 'Sixteen Candles' you wonder what happens with Molly Ringwald and Jake Ryan -- do they get married and live happily ever after? If you read a whole book about a band, you deserve to know what they sound like -- you deserve to live with them and actually be able to hear them. So, it was really important to me to bring them to life."

Madden, like her main character, is no stranger to releasing tunes. As a teen, she founded Fiddler Records, which helped found bands like Dashboard Confessional and New Found Glory. Now she releases her work via her new project, Animal Manufacturing Company. She also co-wrote C+C's first track.

"The video stars a young man named Derek [Mrdjenovich] who is in a band called The Big Time," Madden said. "I met Derek at a show a couple of months ago so he drove out to be in the video."

The vid was directed by Berni Nicols, who Madden said is kind of a Banksy character -- you apparently have to sign all kinds of paperwork to work with him/her and no one knows what gender he is (Bartholomew Cubbins 2.0, anyone?). The musicians behind "Calling You Out" are also pretty mysterious -- although Madden thinks their fans will be able to recognize them pretty rapidly.

"I did my '90s homework for sure and made mental notes of different angles and different themes that were around in the late '90s," Madden said of the totally throwback, MTV-esque video. "The director, he loved the book and he wanted to bring a weird medical element to it."

Check it out below and rue you misspent youth (or mine, if you're not as ancient as me):