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This Is Why Kendrick Lamar Should Make A Video For Every Song On To Pimp A Butterfly

We can only hope this happens.

Kendrick Lamar has already delivered two great videos from To Pimp A Butterfly with "i" and "King Kunta," but we'd love to see a video for every song on the TDE MC's latest album.

I mean, is it too much to ask?

TDE's CEO, Top Dawg, actually sparked this idea when he asked his Twitter followers which music video they'd like next. Fans (obviously) listed every song on the critically lauded album, so Top had a great response.

"Y'all everywhere with it," he said. "How do I choose? Or should I shoot a video for every song on the album?"

Well, Top, now that you mention it...a video for every song on the album would be a brilliant idea. And here are some reasons why we'd love for this plan to pan out.

  1. "Wesley's Theory"
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    How dope would it be to see a funk-driven video featuring the great George Clinton? Sure, Wesley Snipes would probably not appear in the video for one of K. Dot's favorite TPAB tracks, but it would still be an amazing one to watch.

    Plus, you know Dr. Dre would make a cameo to drop his "the hard part is keeping it" message on cam.

  2. "For Free? Interlude"
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    Because the spoken word revival is real.

  3. "King Kunta"

    We just need to see King Kendrick on his throne in Compton and - oh, wait - thanks to Director X, we have that already.

  4. "Institutionalized"

    We've seen Kendrick shine at award shows, but it'd be interesting to see these events through K. Dot's friend's eyes. What does his boy end up doing when he hears another rapper bragging about mansions and foreign whips?

    And wouldn't it be pretty cool to have Snoop Dogg narrating the scenes?

  5. '"These Walls"
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    "These Walls," a song that plays on lust, grief and revenge, is layered with depth. The cut's complexity almost requires a visual guide to break down the different scenes and symbolic representations of walls he’s referencing in the different verses.

  6. "u"
    Snoop Dogg

    Kendrick Lamar painted a powerful and passionate portrayal of pain. To see him in front of a mirror fighting his inner critic in a hotel room would be a moving visual.

  7. "Alright"
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    The world needs hope and this song offers up a lot of it. Picture the hope translating on screen. Now imagine if that video was filmed in South Africa, where K. Dot was inspired to write the song.

    Pharrell would have to make the trip, but even if it's filmed in the States, P and K. Dizzle would make a star-powered video worth watching no matter where it was shot.

  8. "For Sale? Interlude"
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    Kendrick Lamar's "For Sale? Interlude," like many tracks on TPAB, offers vivid imagery. Therefore, it's easy to see how the visual accompaniment to K. Dot's encounter with Lucy would be as compelling as its narrative.

  9. "Momma"
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    The little boy who resembles Kendrick's features - you know, the kid tossing footballs - drops priceless wisdom on K. Dot in the third verse of the track, one of the project's many gems.

    The rhymes would be great on cam the way Nas' "One Love" verse was adapted for "Belly."

  10. "Hood Politics"
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    It would be incredible to see a rap video filmed at The White House. After all, the song does name check President Obama , so it would make sense, right?


    Okay, so maybe that's unlikely, but we can at least benefit from a Killer Mike cameo and that would be really dope, too.

  11. "How Much A Dollar Cost"
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    K. Dot basically wrote an epic video treatment about guilt, compassion and faith in the song's lyrics through rhymes that awaken your imagination with every listen.

    This soulful based-on-a-true-story cut, which features inspiring vocals from James Fauntleroy and Ronald Isley, is almost already a video thanks to the image Lamar paints. We just need to see it come to life on screen.

  12. "Complexion (A Zulu Love)"
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    The song's a standout on a stellar album. Pete Rock, Rapsody and Kendrick are the perfect trio to remind us that "we're all on the same team" with a fresh video to match the track.

  13. "The Blacker The Berry"

    A song this strong deserves visuals that match. Besides, Lamar clearly still has some critics to silence.

    Perhaps the video will drive his message even further.

  14. "You Ain't Gotta Lie (Momma Said)"

    This is one of the smoothest West Coast tracks we've heard in years. And Kendrick's message, which includes his mom's advice, would be a great reason to take things back to CPT to film a video in Dot's childhood home.

  15. "i"
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    Because we need to see Kendrick calm the chaotic crowd down with words of peace. He's already said he saw this as a scene from a movie in his head, so why not film a new video for the album version of the cut?

    Plus, Oprah has to see K. Dot's interesting dedication to her.

  16. "Mortal Man"
    It would be touching to see just how the Kendrick Lamar/Tupac interview would look thanks to some innovative special effects. Beyond that 'Pac connection, a video version of the butterfly poem would be pretty remarkable, too.

Now if only we can convince Top Dawg and Kendrick to make a video for every song on this album.