A 19-Year-Old Was Arrested For Impersonating A Cop On April Fool's Day

Has a 'Let's Be Cops' superfan been discovered?

A teenager who's been dressing like a cop for over a year was arrested in New Hampshire after he allegedly visited a local ice cream shop wearing a jacket with New Hampshire State Police patches and a handgun holstered to his hip.

Chance LaCasse, 19, was busted at King Kone in Merrimack when state police responded to a call regarding the teen's getup, New Hampshire Union Leader reported Wednesday (April 1). The teen was charged with impersonating a police officer, which is a felony.

After seeing his extremely youthful mugshot, it becomes a bit more apparent why the concerned caller doubted his police bona fides:

New Hampshire Troopers' Association

Since the incident occurred on April 1, it was initially chalked up to an elaborate April Fool's fail. But Vocativ did a little digging and, based on what they found on LaCasse's now-deleted Instagram account, it may go a little deeper than that.

LaCasse seems to be heavy into local cop cosplay, according to posts going back at least 20 months. Vocativ nabbed screenshots, which include pics of him in a cop car and in full patrol garb, from the account. One photo shows him channeling his inner Max Payne, in look and spirit:

He apparently owns a German Shepherd, a preferred breed of K-9 units, as well.

If this is more than a hobby and LaCasse hopes to join the force some day, as the below photo suggests, he'll need to clear up this new blemish on his record.