Colin Gray/MTV

What's It Like To Get A Call From Michael Jordan? Ludacris Knows

And he told us about it.

We all know that not everything rappers say in their songs is true. Sometimes, the bragging merely sounds good, but may not have a basis in fact.

On "This Has Been My World," off of Ludacris' new album, Ludaversal, the Atlanta native raps that, "Michael sending me Jordans every first of the month/ Said his kids love me, ain't paid for a pair of kicks since."

Sure, as a famous rapper, maybe he gets free sneakers. But did it really go down like this?

"Absolutely," Luda told MTV News. "I got a call and I saw him in person. This was, of course, a while back -- 'cause I've been respectfully receiving Jordans for a long time. But Michael Jordan definitely told me that [his] kids love [my] music, and it made him listen to some of the music. From there, you kind of get put on this list, where you can get free Jordans."

"I don't think there's too much of a better reward than to receive free Jordans. Like, what in the f--k?! To this day, that is amazing to me."

At this point, Luda has been in the game for 15 years, worked with all sorts of musicians and just released his eighth solo album -- not to mention "Furious 7," which he stars in, is out on Friday (Apr. 3). He's recognizable all over.

But he still gets starstruck around the basketball legend.

"There's not a time when I'm not starstruck when I see MJ," he said. "He's a beacon of hope, man. He represents that American Dream. Somebody who really had to work hard, and it's not like he was born with it."

Like many others, Luda sees the intersection of sports and hip-hop.

"His competitive level, I think it resonates throughout any sport, throughout any job, anything that anybody wants to do," he said. "So we all aspire to be at that level of success. And I definitely am inspired, especially in the music game, because it's all about competition. If you're not born with it, you gotta work for it, or do both."