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Assistant Director Skinner Is Bringing His Bald Hotness Back To 'The X-Files'

Come here, you beautiful cue ball.

The only thing better than seeing Mulder and Scully back onscreen for another round of "X-Files": Knowing that when they're not onscreen, FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner will be.

David Duchovny spilled the beans on Letterman Tuesday (March 31) that Skinner, played with gleaming bald-pated majesty by Mitch Pileggi, would be back for the series reboot (along with the notorious, enigmatic baddie known as "the cigarette-smoking man.") And while the news isn't officially official, it's more than enough reason to round up a gallery of all the reasons we're ready to swoon for Skinner again.

  • For starters, the man was always a fan favorite.
  • Mulder and Scully's partnership only really feels complete when Skinner makes three.
  • He issues a butt-kissing invitation better than any man alive.
  • And just look at the way his head gleams in the sun, like an exquisite crystal globe!
  • Nobody rocks a pair of latex gloves and a casual lean like Skinner.
  • And when he puts his chin in his hand in front of a window covered in venetian blinds? Well, it just feels like coming home.
  • Don't even get us started on his fine forest of manly chest hair.
  • Or how DILF-y he looks in a pair of deliciously dorky tighty whities.
  • Or how much we want to slap whoever put a dent in that beautiful cue ball.
  • Truth: If Scully and Mulder hadn't worked out, there was definitely magic to be made with Skinner.
  • Sloppy, sordid, elevator-soiling magic.
  • Welcome back to the bureau, Skinner. You have the right to remain sexy.