7 Things In Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ That Netflix Got Fantastically Right

Get pumped, nerds!

Mild spoilers for the first five episodes of "Daredevil" follow!

Mark your calendars and start prepping for a binge watch session: there are only 10 days left until Daredevil's official induction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe on April 10th. We got to watch the first five hours of the 13 episode-long series early, and BOY is it fantastic. Seriously, put all Ben Affleck-fueled worries behind you and get fully onboard the hype train, because we can bet you won't be disappointed by what Netflix has done with this beloved comic book vigilante.

In case you're not yet convinced, however, here are some glimpses into the dark and tremendous world that Marvel and showrunner Stephen S. DeKnight have in store for us:

  1. Hell's Kitchen has a perfectly good reason for being so corrupt.

    If you're a New Yorker, it can be pretty hard to suspend your disbelief when you're watching shows about your city. For example, "Daredevil" takes place in the gritty, crime-filled neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, which... hasn't really been that gritty since the '90s. Luckily, the show writers thought of a really great way to bring the area backs to its deteriorating roots -- and it involves the rest of the Marvel Universe.

  2. Matt Murdock is just starting out, in more ways than one.

    The series picks up with Foggy Nelson (played by Elsen Henson, who is perfectly cast and endlessly amusing) and Matt Murdock's (Charlie Cox) humble beginnings as newly graduated law students who want to make the world a better place. Much more interesting than if they'd started with the established base of high-ranking clients they've got in the comics, if you ask me.

    Speaking of which...

  3. "Daredevil" is a crime drama as much as it is a superhero story.

    It felt like a cheap sound byte when we first heard it, but producer Jeph Loeb is right: "Daredevil" is very much grounded in the real world of cops and lawyers. But don't worry, superhero fans, that doesn't make it any less compelling... and despite the dark tone, some of Marvel's trademark levity still shines through (Seriously, Foggy Nelson is a GIFT).

  4. Karen Page is more than just Nelson and Murdock's secretary.

    In the comics, Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) is Daredevil's longest running love interest and the first secretary ever hired to his law firm, Nelson and Murdock. But here, she has her own mystery to unravel -- one that's directly linked to the criminal underworld that Murdock fights on his off hours.

  5. Be prepared to ship Wilson Fisk and Vanessa like burning (because it probably is).

    We already expected Vanessa, the cultured wife of Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) in the comics, to be a pretty integral part of the show -- after all, you don't cast someone as talented as Ayelet Zurer without giving her something great to do. But I honestly didn't expect to be as enraptured with the two of them as I am; so far they have exceptional, twisted, compelling chemistry.

  6. Longtime "Daredevil" fans will love the subtle nods to the comic.

    That black masked outfit Charlie Cox has been wearing in all the trailers is directly inspired by a similar costume from the John Romita Jr. "Man Without Fear" run. But that's not the only awesome Easter Egg comic book nerds will notice! For example, be on the lookout for a great nod to the "Mike Murdock" storyline from the '60s.

  7. The stunts are just incredible.

    No CGI here, folks: not only are all the fight sequences performed by actual humans, but they're also filmed beautifully and often in agonizingly intense tracking shots. If the rest of the series is as riveting as these first few episodes, you're going to be on the edge of your seat the entire time.

"Daredevil" comes to Netflix on April 10th.