Are Violetta And Sylvia Still 'Real World' BFFs?

Catch up with the two fiery former housemates.

Samuel Butler once said "Friendship is like money: easier made than kept." So have the reigning "Real World" BFFs, Violetta and Sylvia, proven that their tie is among the truly successful few?

MTV News recently caught up with the former housemates after the Season 30 finale, and as far as Sylvia's concerned, the girls -- who were attached at the hip in Chicago -- have still got something great going.

"V is still very much one of my best friends," Syl said. "I FaceTime with her weekly and text or call her daily. If I took anything from the show, it was definitely gaining the friendship of one crazy girl who showed me to have confidence in yourself no matter the opinion of other people."

"We've actually already scheduled our trip to Chicago this coming April!" she added.

Sylvia, who said she's been focused on work and fitness since returning home, hasn't paid her infamous visitor Alicia much mind in the aftermath of "Skeletons" but says she is disappointed that she and Bruno wound up on such negative terms.

"Even after filming, I tried to believe that his actions were due to the stress of the house and that eventually he'd come to his senses, [but] his actions and words in numerous interviews have proven otherwise," she explained. "So my final impression: Get help!"

And Sylvia insists she, too, is working on sublimating her anger.

"After seeing some of the things I did, I wasn't proud," she said. "I have since then been trying to stay positive. I'm not perfect, but I'm definitely a work in progress and that's all that matters -- that I'm trying to better myself by not settling for mediocrity."

Violetta, who also saw her temper flare a handful of times during filming, says she's been taking similar steps toward self-improvement -- including weekly therapy sessions -- since moving back to Florida. Still, her reflection on the arrival of her Skeletons proves she's got some fire left in her.

"Jessica and I actually get along well," she shared innocently enough before letting the guillotine fall. "Tia's a c***." Well, then!

And though V definitely validated the "thug life" tattoo she sports beneath her lower lip, she says the sentiment is the last bit of ink you can expect from her.

"My parents already want to put a cheese-grater to this one," she joked. "I don't even want to imagine what they would do if I got an actual tattoo."

Happy to hear V and her "sweet angel" Sylvia are still close? Share your thoughts, and stay tuned for a final catch-up interview with the Wolf Pack!