Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

Ed Sheeran Crashed This Wedding And I'M NOT CRYING

Nicest. Dude. Ever.

Ed Sheeran totally made like Maroon 5 in their "Sugar" video recently -- in that he surprised a couple during the first dance at their wedding, likely making it the most memorable day of their LIVES (I mean, it probably would have been cool either way -- but c'mon).

"Just surprised this lovely couples first dance," Sheeran wrote on Instagram. "Available for weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvah's, contact your local super market for details." How about living rooms? Do you play those, dude? Because I know a cat and a girl who would greatly appreciate a show.

According to the below YouTube video, Australian radio station KIIS 1065 gifted two deserving listeners, Kya and Matt, with the wedding of their dreams recently -- and when Sheeran heard they would be dancing their first dance as husband and wife to "Thinking Out Loud," he decided to perform it for them live.

Just watch, guys. I'm not crying.