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Here's Why Eminem Is The Only Feature On Yelawolf's 'Love Story' Album

And how their 'Best Friend' collaboration was born.

When Yelawolf crafted his upcoming album Love Story, he only thought of one other person who should be on it with him.

"There’s one feature on this album. That’s [Eminem]," Yela told Complex. "Why am I gonna go get such-and-such? For what? Hype? I’m just trying to make a good record."

Their forthcoming collaboration, "Best Friend," was also born from an idea that came naturally to Yela.

"The record Marshall is on, honest to God, as soon as I recorded it, I was like, ‘Man, Marshall would sound great on this.’ It really happened like that," Yelawolf said. "It wasn’t some pitch or some gimmick. When people hear this song, they’re gonna f-cking bug out. Trust me."

Aside from being a collaborator, Eminem is also an executive producer on the project. But this isn't the first time the two have worked together. Their collaborations include "Throw It Up," "Twisted" and of course, their Shady CXVpher.

Love Story is set to be released April 21.