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Well, Lil B Is Taking Responsibility For Kevin Durant's Latest Injury Troubles, Too

'Everyone who disses Lil B pays for it,' the rapper says.

For years now, Lil B's curse has appeared to haunt Kevin Durant. Could the NBA star's latest troubles be a result of that curse, too?

On Friday (Mar. 20), the Oklahoma City Thunder announced that Durant, the NBA's reigning MVP, was going to be "removed from basketball activities” due to soreness in his foot, according to ESPN. In the wake of this news, The Based God was asked about his longstanding curse on KD.

"He's still under it," the rapper told TMZ; the feud started back in 2011, when KD criticized the Cali native's music. "Everyone who disses Lil B pays for it."

What does KD have to do to rid himself of the dreaded Based God hex? That's the question that has been asked since Lil B put the curse on Durant in 2011 after the NBA star dissed the rapper's skills.

"All he has to do is meet on the basketball court for a friendly game of 21," Lil B explained. "I'm passionate about my game, my defense. If he doesn't beat me 21-0, he should be embarrassed."

When Durant first suffered the injury that continues to plague him, the rapper claimed responsibility. So, is curse the reason for Durant's latest troubles?

"He knows the curse is affecting him," Lil B added. "Everyone knows."

There is currently no timetable for Durant's return to the court. The team has announced that this might even end KD's season.