Carly Rae Jepsen's 'I Really Like You' Lyric Vid Might Be Better Than Tom Hanks

Crafters, unite!

Of course Carly Rae Jepsen's incredibly catchy track, "I Really Like You," deserves two videos! That's why, on Tuesday (March 17), the singer released a second visual for the song.

Jepsen uploaded the lyric video for "I Really Like You," which includes crafts and crafts galore for you DIY enthusiasts. There's embroidery, typewriters, paper cut-outs and dollhouses. It's enough to get you pumped to create something! In fact, I can't help but think the lyric video is more stellar than the actual, official video for "I Really Like You," which starred Tom Hanks.

Watch the lyric video here.

I mean, yeah, the official vid has Hanks and Justin Bieber, but other than star power, it's just a bunch of people walking down the street. And most of the time, you're just thinking to yourself, "Why is Tom Hanks so disgruntled?"

But this lyric video? It's clever. It looks like they put a lot of work into it. They had to embroider all those "reallys" with their bare hands. They had to type really, really, really fast in time the lyrics to the words. It's intricate.

Tell me what you think. Which video do you like best?