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Don't Leave For Spring Break Without These 8 Things In Your Suitcase

With spring break around the corner, you're inevitably ready to escape the cold and head to warmer climates. Whether you're heading somewhere exotic or just generally warmer, you're going to have to unearth some essentials that are buried deep within your closet, under your bed, in your makeup bag, etc.

Here's everything you need, from accessories to clothing.

  1. ASOS

    You're going wherever you're going because of one thing: sunshine. You don't want to be squinting the entire time, right?

  2. Covergirl

    The perfect complement to any warm weather outfit is a red lip. With this COVERGIRL lipgloss you'll get color, shine, and staying power. Boom.

  3. Urban Outfitters

    Everything about a romper is easy, except, of course, for going to the bathroom. This one is especially perfect because it's light and—even better—intentionally wrinkled.

  4. ASOS

    You need something to carry all your essentials in, obviously, and this white mesh backpack fits the bill perfectly. Plus, you get to show off all ya goods.

  5. Forever 21

    A maxi dress is perfect for the beach, hanging out, napping, practically anything. This tie-dye one is reasonably priced and, well, won't take up much room in your suitcase.

  6. Forever 21

    What're you gonna wear into the water? Exactly.

  7. Covergirl

    How're you gonna make sure your lashes look as lengthy as possible in the water? This waterproof mascara, duh.

  8. ASOS

    Overalls are about to explode, so show off how ~in the know~ you are by wearing them before everyone else does. Plus, you can just throw them over anything and—ta-da!—complete outfit.

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