Exclusive: Cody Simpson Takes Us Inside The Studio As He Records His New EP ‘Free’

Cody's getting 'raw' and 'real' on his latest effort.

Cody Simpson has a new outlook and a whole new sound.

The Australian pop singer has been hard at work on his upcoming EP, Free, his first as an independent artist since leaving Atlantic Records to create his own Coast House label.

Cody invited us into his studio, giving MTV (and you, the fans!) an exclusive look at the making of his EP (coming April 7), which will feature his latest singles "Flower" and my new favorite song, "New Problems."

"It's all very organic, raw and real and straight from me and naturally flowing," Cody explained in the clip. "I just feel at peace now."

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Cody has teamed up with co-writer/producer Cisco Adler, who's ready to help take Cody's career to the next level.

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"For him at this point, he's made a bunch of hits but it's time to make a pure, strong record that he can live with for the rest of his life and play for the rest of his life," Cisco said. "This is a career artist; this isn't a flash in the pan."

Not only is Simpson creating an album he hopes will get people talking, he's also bringing a fresh vibe and sound to his project.

"Cody was trying to raise the bar and say, 'It doesn't matter that I'm 17, 18 years old -- 'I want to do something complex and highly musical,' " his manager, Matt Graham, explained.