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Here’s Why You Should Watch The ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Pilot Tonight, Even If You’ve Already Seen It A Million Times

It never gets old.

Before Rory Gilmore, Marissa Cooper, and Jenna Hamilton, there was Buffy Summers, the single most badass teen on television. As a character, Buffy wasn’t just pretty and cool; she was tough, clever, and ultra-relatable (despite the fact that her job was to save the world each week). As a TV show, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" was nothing short of revolutionary; by playing against conventions of the horror genre-- meaning, it’s the girl who always needs rescuing-- Joss Whedon created an unforgettable world where women were the most powerful. Pretty cool.

Today marks the 18th birthday of "Buffy," which aired its two-part pilot, “Welcome to the Hellmouth,” on March 10, 1997. Looking for something to watch tonight? How about honoring one of the smartest, funniest, most ground-breaking shows in TV history?

Even if you’ve already seen the episode a billion times-- and, of course you have, because that’s why we’re friends-- here’s why you should consider spending the night with Buffy, Willow, Xander, and the whole gang.

The Purposefully Cheesy Opening Scene

It's dark. A boy and a girl break into an empty, shadowy school, and you just know that something bad is about to happen. Except this time around, it's the boy that's in deep trouble. In fact, he gets eaten. Sorry, boy.

Buffy's First Day of School Look

It's Buffy's first day of school at Sunnydale High, and she couldn't look any more '90s if she tried. The bangs. The hair barrette. The lavender eye shadow. Totally a look worthy of the Chosen One.

Willow's Crush on Xander

And Xander's crush on Buffy, for that matter. In the show's first season, everyone had a crush on the wrong person, just like in real high school. Hormones, right?

Queen Bee Cordelia

When we first meet Cordelia Chase, she's the Queen Bee of Sunnydale High. She's pretty, she's popular, and she's skilled at the art of identifying losers (like little nerd bb Willow). In later seasons, Cordelia softens, but it's a lot more fun when she's just a bitch. Is it not?

The Almost Fourth Member of The Scooby Gang

Remember Jesse? Probably not. He was almost a member of the Scoobies, until he turned into a vampire. Sad. Alas, actor Eric Balfour had more important things to do, like rob convenience stores on "Six Feet Under" and get into fights with Ryan on "The O.C."

Outdated Pop Culture References

A major reason why revisiting 1997 never gets old. James Spader was a heartthrob? Vamp nail polish was definitely last season? Where else are you supposed to learn these things? It's not only fight scenes and witty banter; "Buffy" was, and is, jam-packed with valuable wisdom, you guys.