18 'Divergent' Fan Tattoos That Would Make Tris Prior Proud

Tori would be proud.

In the world of Veronica Roth's "Divergent," those in the Dauntless faction -- like Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) -- stan tattoos in a major way. Tris has three ravens on her collarbone to symbolize each member of her family that she left behind, Four has each faction on his back, and the rest of the Dauntless initiates collect ink like the Erudites collect brain knowledge.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense why the passionate "Divergent" fandom would follow suit, and permanently sketch everything from Abnegation quotes to Four and Tris' actual tattoos on their human bodies. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Quoth the raven...

    This woman has Tris' look down pat -- heck, Tris might even be jealous of her terrifying collar-area piercing.

  2. A world of color.

    The dystopian version of Chicago we see onscreen is definitely not this colorful, but we admire this guy for breaking the mold.

  3. I wanna see ya...

    Pretty self-explanatory.

  4. Dauntless AF.

    Did Tori do that?

  5. Two-in-one!

    Double your fandom, double your decision you hopefully won't regret later in life.

  6. Four and six does not equal 10. It equals true love.

    This one is henna, but still. The thought counts.

  7. The Hunger-Vergent.

    Half "Hunger Games," half "Divergent." Fully incredible.

  8. Abnegation forever.

    We know what faction she would be sorted into. (Wait, are we allowed to use "sorted" for "Divergent?")

  9. Love is a four-letter word.

    This is a friend of the woman with the Abnegation tattoo! It's all coming together, now!

  10. Fly, "Divergent" fan, fly.

    ... And here she is again!

  11. Dream big. Like, all over your back big.

    Four would be so proud of this full-back masterpiece... just don't tell him about the other franchises on it.

  12. Feel your fear.

    It also wreaks havoc on your immune system, but whatever.

  13. One will do.

    Tris only has one family member left, anyway.

  14. Rank the factions!

    Why does Amity always get short-changed?

  15. Pessimism.

    At least it's on her foot and not her wrist. I wouldn't want to be reminded of this all day.

  16. I'm noticing a trend, here.

    Katniss/Tris spin-off series?

  17. The Dauntless manifesto.

    "We also believe in jumping on moving trains." (They left that part out.)

  18. Alfred Hitchcock's "Birds," the sequel.

    Whole lotta birds.