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What In The World Is A 'Werewolf Hickey'?

'Teen Wolf' star Tyler Posey shares a photo of a kiss you'd never, ever want.

A scarf or turtleneck's enough to cover up a typical high-school hickey, but it looks like it might require a touch more effort in Beacon Hills.

Tyler Posey, whose "Teen Wolf" character Scott McCall has suffered through every conceivable abrasion on the supernatural battlefield, introduced a brand-new war wound while shooting Season 5 of the show this weekend -- the "werewolf hickey" -- and we bet it's reaaaally gonna piss off his mom.

"I got a hickey from a werewolf," TyPo captioned the photo above, in which his neck is positively torn up. Real laceration? The wonder of a good makeup artist? We're still not totally sure, but thankfully, the actor managed to get cleaned up enough to greet fans at WolfCon in Burbank, California, where he, Arden Cho and other fellow co-stars served as the day's heroes.

"At WolfCon waiting to meet you loves!" Cho tweeted with the pic above. Be still, our Scira-shipping hearts...

So, thinking twice about neck kisses? Try to steer clear, and be sure to keep up with MTV News for more on the upcoming "Teen Wolf" season!