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'SNL' Basically Spoofed Iggy Azalea’s Whole Career

And Chris Hemsworth joined in on the jokes.

"Saturday Night Live" loves rap, but its writers also seems to enjoy making fun of rappers. The latest victim to "SNL’s" roasting? Iggy Azalea.

Kate McKinnon starred in a new Iggy-Iggs spoof Saturday night (March 7) that basically lampooned her whole career and the actress had both of the rapper’s accents down to perfection.

"Welcome to the show,” she said in a calm Australian accent. "I can’t even believe you’re here for little Aussie me. It’s like, ‘Who even am I?’" With that, McKinnon broke into Azalea's rapping accent. “I’ll tell you who I am,” she rhymed with a Southern twang all of a sudden. “CEO, murder business.”

You can’t talk about Iggy without mentioning T.I. so Jay Pharaoh was also on hand with his Tip impression. "I created her,” Pharaoh said as T.I. "She’s my Franken-fine.”

Of course Azealia Banks was also part of this spoof because, you know, they had to go there. So, Sasheer Zamata played a perfectly annoyed Banks to McKinnon’s blissfully unaware glee.

"Isn’t rap so fun?” McKinnon said as Iggy. "You know what else is fun? Feuds. I’m in a new feud err-day so my first guest is one of my top feud friends, fellow rapper Azealia Banks.” The hilarity ensued as Zamata and McKinnon played up the Azealia/Azalea beef. "You’re so mad at me,” McKinnon said with a smile. "Our feud is so hip-hop.”

The jokes continued with Chris Hemsworth, who joined in on the jokes as Rafty Drones, Iggy's supposed hip-hop mentor who taught her how to make gun sounds in her raps. Check out his and McKinnon's twerking skills in the clip, too.

"SNL" is just the latest show to make fun of Iggy. This week, ESPN's Robert Flores also took a jab at the rapper by saying she was trying to kill hip-hop.

This spoof pretty much clowned Azalea's whole career from her accent, to her rap skills, to T.I.'s mentorship, to her Banks feud. Pretty sure Iggy won't be responding to this spoof, though. The rapper quit social media almost entirely this week.