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Watch A 12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Tear Up The Dance Floor

He's basically always been perfect.

Videos of a 12-year-old Ryan Gosling dancing have recently surfaced on the Facebook page of hero Shaun Swire -- and words can't quite accurately describe how incredible they are.

We really can't decide which 1992 Ryan is our favorite. Could it be the "Hound Dog"-singing, leather jacket-wearing, butt-wagging Ryan?

Or perhaps the metallic Hammer pants-wearing Ryan?

We'll just keep watching them until we figure it out.

Meanwhile, we're not the only ones savoring Gosling's sweet moves – the actor posted his reaction to Twitter yesterday.

And here we thought his "Dirty Dancing" lift with Emma Stone was his greatest achievement... Buzzfeed is still trying to ascertain where the videos were filmed – Gosling didn't join the Mickey Mouse Club until 1993, so it's likely this is from a dance recital somewhere in his home country of Canada. Wherever they came from, we sure hope there are more!