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Lorde And Kanye West Were Basically Goth Dream Dates At Fashion Week

So sad. So chic.

It warms the very corners of my black, black heart when two souls find each other in this dismal abyss we call life -- which is why I'm so, so glad Kanye West and Lorde have found I-hate-smiling-in-photos kindred spirits in each other.

The pair recently hammed it up (and by "hammed it up" I mean not even a little bit) at Paris Fashion Week, kitted out like the Goth King and Queen of Underworld Prom.

I imagine they skulked in the corner all night long, spiking the punch with deadly nightshade and sticking pins in dolls that bore an uncanny likeness to the Homecoming King and Queen, Jessica and Johnny. Oh how they squeaked and hopped!


That is, after Ella posed for a photo with her equally Gothic parents, David Bowie and Tilda Swinton, who gave 'Ye the runaround before letting him chill with their precious pitch-black princess.

Danse Macabre, dudes. Dance Macabre. I envision something a little like this...