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Find Out How 'The Big Bang Theory' Paid Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

Live long and prosper.

Leonard Nimoy meant a lot to millions of Star Trek fans, but he had a very special place in the heart of "The Big Bang Theory's" Sheldon Cooper.

The hit CBS show paid tribute to the late actor, who died on February 27 at the age of 83, on Thursday (Mar. 5) in its own unique way.

Instead of using his vanity card at the end of the episode for weekly insights, showrunner Chuck Lorre shouted out the original Spock with one simple statement:

“The impact you had on our show and our lives is everlasting,” read the card.

Although Nimoy never made an actual appearance on the show, he was the centerpiece of a Season 2 episode called, “The Bath Iten Gift Hypothesis.”

“I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy!” Sheldon screamed in delight when given a napkin that Nimoy used at Penny’s restaurant. “All I need is a healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy.”

In another episode called, “The Transporter Malfunction,” from Season 5, Nimoy actually voiced a Spock action figure to sway Sheldon’s decision to not play with a toy because he didn’t want to ruin its “mint in box” condition.

“You need to play with the transporter toy,” Nimoy said. “Remember like me you also have a human half.”