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Breakups Are The Worst, But Kelela's New Video Might Help

'A Message' is all about reclaiming your identity, and also it's amazing.

Breakups are the worst even when they're the best decision you'll ever make. You're suddenly free to act as an individual, accountable to no one, and yet the person you are was probably largely informed by the person you were dating and the life you led together.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. Let's all watch Kelela's new video for "A Message."

The Daniel Sannwald-directed phantasmagoria finds Kelela shining and glistening under variously colored lights, singing about self-confidence and agency now that she's out from under her significant other's shadow: "Left some things behind, don't need your help/ And all I know is all I've got."

The singer-songwriter cuts her hair shoulder length, perhaps as a way to reclaim her identity, before transforming into some kind of turquoise nymph made out of glowstick ooze -- which, like, goals.

The track, co-written with Arca, comes from Kelela's upcoming Hallucinogen, which Pitchfork says will drop May 5.