3 Reasons Why Liam Hemsworth Is The Alien-Killing Badass 'Independence Day 2' Needs

Tonight we celebrate you, Liam.

Let me preface this little listicle with the following statement: "Independence Day" is, and always has been, one of my favorite movies. It's silly-yet-scary, it's fun, and it takes me back to a time in my life when I could watch movies with nothing but childlike wonder, free of all critical sentiment and certain discerning lenses that tend to come with adulthood.

Therefore I -- a woman who had a Christmas meltdown at the age of 9 when she didn't receive a copy of "ID" on VHS -- was, like most of you, a bit skeptical when I heard that Will Freaking Smith wasn't coming back for director Roland Emmerich's sequel, "Independence Day 2." Instead, Emmerich announced on Tuesdsay that Liam Hemsworth (as well as a newcomer named Jessie Usher, who will play Smith's son) would join Jeff Goldblum in heading up the film. Smith's character, Captain Steven Hiller, will probably be dead. RIP, everybody's hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

But all hyperbole aside, even though we're all disappointed that Smith isn't coming back, we should all be super amped that Hemsworth is taking on the job. Here's why he'll be perfect:

  1. He already has serious action cred.

    Josh Hutcherson's Peeta gets most of the serious dramatic work when it comes to the male leads of "The Hunger Games," so that leaves all of the shooting, militaristic stuff to Hemsworth. Add that to his work with "The Expendables" franchise and you have an actor who is completely comfortable with movie weaponry, and totally capable of looking like a badass despite his ridiculously beautiful, innocent-looking face. Hemsworth already has the body and the training he needs to play [insert character name here], so when it comes time to shoot "ID2" (now, please), he should be able to jump right in with ease.

  2. He's what summer movie dreams are made of.

    That face! That smile! That thin-yet-muscular build! Admittedly, Hemsworth hasn't quite had the chance to stretch his comedic chops like his older brother has playing Thor (a great sense of humor about itself was one of the best parts of the original "Independence Day"), so here's to hoping that this particular trait runs in the family. Because if it does, then the littlest Hemsworth 100 percent has what it takes to be a summer blockbuster star for years to come. Watch your back, Chris Pratt. And Evans. And Hemsworth.

  3. He spent the first couple decades of his life living with an alien.

    True, Thor is a classy AF Asgardian and not one of those Xenomorph-esque creatures that tried to take over planet Earth, but still. Hemsworth knows what it's like to deal with someone who is not of this world. Growing up under the shadow of the perfect specimen that is People's sexiest "man" alive could not have been easy, but Liam handles all of those big brother comparisons with humor and grace -- just the attitude he needs to take over leading man status in the sequel to one of the biggest blockbusters it summer history.