Guy Blelloch

First Listen: Bodega Bamz 'Billy Bats'

Sidewalk Exec... is out April 14.

Bodega Bamz is gearing up to drop his debut album Sidewalk Exec... and with just over a month before the LP releases, the Tan Boys leader has been dishing out some serious heat.

First was "El Rey," Bamz' royal chest pound and now BB has given MTV News the go ahead to premiere his new single "Billy Bats."

The errie-sounding track, like the rest of Sidewalk Exec..., is produced by V'Don and on it Bamz channels the essence of Philadelphia rap icon Beanie Sigel. "I hope you got an extra mic and a fuego proof booth/ 'Cause you know, I'm known melt a wire or two," he spits, interpolating bars from Bean's 2000 single "The Truth," before getting into his own Bodega-isms.

Sidewalk Exec... drops on April 14, but fans can pre-order the album now on iTunes and get an instant download of "Billy Bats" and El Rey."

“A sidewalk exec, it’s the boss of the corner,” Bamz told MTV News of the album that he is dropping through 100 Keep It/Duck Down Music. “In this rap game, we already have the perspective of the hustler, we already got the perspective of the major player in the hood, but we never got the perspective of the connect, we never got the perspective of the dude that’s supplying these other dudes.”