'Gotham': When Is Gordon Going To Steal The Commissioner's Glasses?

Mustaches and glasses or GTFO.

There's a lot of plotlines running through the Batman prequel "Gotham": will Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) discover who murdered his parents? Can Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith) escape the villainous surgeon Dr. Dulmacher (Colm Feore) and his island of horrors? And most importantly, when is James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) going to steal the glasses off Commissioner Loeb's (Peter Scolari) face?

It's that final bit that was nagging at us throughout last night's (March 2) episode. When Ben McKenzie was first announced as James Gordon, the Internet took to their photoshops (okay, fine maybe just me) to picture what the former Ryan Atwood might look like with Commissioner Gordon's signature glasses and mustache -- a look he's spotted in everything from comics, to the "Dark Knight" trilogy.

But despite this clear outpouring for facial hair and spectacles (mustaches: yes; beards: no), McKenzie has told MTV time and again that an upper-lip caterpillar is not part of the plan.


McKenzie even played with fan expectations a bit with his Halloween costume:

...But it wasn't even close to enough for this reporter. We want mustaches and glasses, and we want them now!

So when Commissioner Loeb was first introduced, it was with shock, surprise and delight that we realized it was the old Commish who was sporting the future Commish's look.


But it's just like "Gotham" to tease these things out. Despite clashing in his first appearance, Gordon didn't rip the glasses off Loeb's face in order to embrace his destiny as a near-sighted dude.

And then there was "Everybody Has A Cobblepot," the episode that aired last night. In it, Gordon is desperately searching for evidence to shut down the corrupt Commissioner. And he finally finds it in Loeb's daughter, a woman held captive for years after she murdered her own mother -- Loeb's wife.

Rather than coming forward with the evidence, Gordon uses the knowledge as leverage on Loeb, demanding that he works for Gordon now instead of mob boss Carmine Falcone. Gordon even uses his new sway to get Loeb's folder of evidence on Gordon's partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue).

Then the miraculous almost occurred. "I just want one more thing," said Gordon. Was it going to happen? Was Gordon going to demand Loeb hand over his glasses -- smash cut to a heroic shot of the newly bespectacled Gordon standing on a Gotham rooftop, mustaches flapping and screeching around his head?

Sadly, no. Instead, Gordon had Loeb make him president of the Policeman's Union. Another step forward toward his destiny, but sadly not the optical one we wanted.

There's still time, though. With four episodes left in the season -- and another season already greenlit by FOX -- there's only a matter of time before Gordon rips the glasses off Loeb's face.

Now whose mustache is he gonna steal?