Cultura RM/Britt Erlanson

17 Clues That Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Totally Owns You

It's clear to everyone but you. You're in an unequal relationship. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is using you to feed their ego or as a placeholder until someone better comes along. Here are some signs of an ever-exhausting relationship that teeters on breakup but somehow lasts longer than anyone's bet.

  1. There are no face-to-face arguments

    They say what's up and you wouldn't dare disagree until you complain later friends...then you can't stop hashing out how the dispute would have been different if you had willpower.

  2. You're the only one who seems "all in"

    You feel their struggles along with them because you're invested. They don't seem affected at all when s--t happens to you.

  3. You try to hide your flaws

    If you're constantly going to the gym, buying clothes to impress, showering excessively, crying or punching a wall in the bathroom, not laughing/singing/dancing because he/she doesn't like how you do it, hiding your friends or parents, acting like someone else . . . the list is endless.

  4. There are taboo topics of conversation

    You know the ones, seemingly common subjects where they get weird as hell.

  5. You're always apologizing for things you did realize you did

    You get that phone call, text or email: you have done something to piss off your master. You still don't know why but you are begging for some understanding while you continue to apologize.

  6. The past is not the past

    Why does it keep showing up and being used against you?

  7. If you really called it quits, it'd be over

    They never seem worried that you would ever you'd ever leave.

  8. You know all their friends...

    ...but they don't know a handful of yours.

  9. It's always your fault

    It does not matter. It is your fault

  10. You never take charge

    Whether it's with the TV remote, car keys, choice of restaurant or movie, you watch your ring leader call the shots.

  11. You run in circles for them

    If you told people how much you really do for the other person, you'd look like an unpaid servant.

  12. Your money is your honey's money

    But who's counting?

  13. Your friends wish you were with someone else

    They casually bring up people you should date, don't want to listen to another one or your "poor me" stories, or they flat out tell you that they hate your mate.

  14. You're always trying to help them out

    The spring in the step and the mojo is there because you put it there. But what has hot stuff done for you lately?

  15. Your ideal futures look way different

    You see a life together. Sugar-puss over there isn't interested in all that and doesn't even believe in whatever it is you believe in.

  16. You constantly get criticized

    There you are in a good mood and out of nowhere an insult. Now you are in bad mood. Mission accomplished.

  17. You are so emotionally drained

    You can't keep this up anymore. Well . . . maybe for a few more weeks.