Adi Shankar/Bootleg Universe

Here's How That Violent 'Power/Rangers' Bootleg Was Made: Watch

'Power/Rangers' forever.

If you're anything like us, then you probably freaked the eff out when Joseph Kahn's "Power/Rangers" bootleg hit the internet last week. The violent short, produced by Adi Shankar, put a dark spin on the beloved '90s series, and ultimately angered Saban Brands in the process. It was pulled from the internet for a hot minute, but now it's back and still in its original, f--ked up glory.

For "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" fans, the gritty short is a satisfying thrill ride, complete with shocking plot twists, hidden Easter Eggs for uber fans, and most of our favorite characters. (Kimberly! Tommy! Rocky!) And most importantly, the 14-minute film was Pink Ranger-approved. (Even if the OG Green Ranger kinda hated it.)

Now you can see how Shankar and Kahn brought their wonderful, nostalgic masterpiece to life in this behind the scenes video which spans the entire pre-production, six-day shoot and post-production. Seeing as Shankar and Kahn won't profit a dime from this "deboot," this truly was a labor of love.