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'The Walking Dead': Rick Suffers A Close Shave On 'Remember'

Is Alexandria great? Or are our survivors about to get burned faster than a Library?

After five seasons of wandering the outskirts of Atlanta (and sometimes the inskirts) courting death with every move, have the "Walking Dead" survivors finally found safety? I mean no, of course not -- at least not entirely. But as we found out in "Remember," the Alexandria Safe Zone isn't Woodbury, and it sure ain't Terminus. At least, not yet.

Here's all the biggest moments that happened this week -- including a memorable close shave.

  1. R.I.P. Rick('s Beard)

    The single biggest moment on tonight's episode -- and perhaps the entire series? Rick shaves his beard. Yes, the beard we wrote odes to, the one Andrew Lincoln himself said this season of the show was all about... It's gone. R.I.P., beard, you're in beard heaven now.

  2. Alexandria Hills Cop

    Happily, though, this leads to a moment we've been waiting for all series, as well... And one that Mr. Grimes has been struggling with since he woke up in a hospital 28 days later in episode one: is he a cop anymore? Turns out, he is. Everyone in the Alexandria Safe Zone gets jobs; and at the end of the episode, the freshly shaven Rick gets to become a constable again, uniform and everything.

    "You a cop again?" Daryl asks him. "Trying it on for size," answers Rick. And there's one more twist to come, but we'll get to that in a second.

  3. Daryl Out Of Water Comedy

    Speaking of Daryl, if you were to guess which character would be most uncomfortable with finding himself in civilization, and didn't say "Daryl Dixon?" No possum for you. The crossbow wielding badass is singularly uncomfortable in a post-apocalyptic community with showers, refusing to take one himself. It's pretty obvious that Daryl didn't really discover who he was supposed to be until civilization fell, and finding it ascendant again is making him nearly crawl out of his skin.

    In particular, this should be the plotline most interesting to watch for fans of the comics. So far things are playing out on screen just how they do on the page, but considering there's no Daryl Dixon in Robert Kirkman's books, Daryl's journey should be fascinating.

  4. Robert Kirkman's Books
    Image Comics

    Fun Easter Egg: Carl picks up a comic in his new house that just happens to be by one Mr. Kirkman. Which leads to all sort of head-hurting bizarre alternate universe questions (did Kirkman write a book called "The Walking Dead" here, too?), but mostly is just kind of cute.

  5. Cooooooral

    Okay, this might have just been my imagination, but when Carl's new friends introduced him -- and how bizarre is it that they just have an Xbox up and running like, no biggie -- I could swear they introed him as "Coral." Which was hilarious. That's all. Bye.

  6. Forget T-Dog, Here's D-Bag
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    We meet a host of new characters this week that show just because Alexandria is safe doesn't mean life will be easy. As a sage prophet once said, "Peoples is peoples." One of them? The self-proclaimed d-bag who leads supply runs, and proceeds to nearly get Tara, Glenn, Noah, and himself killed while trying to chain up a walker.

    Plus, we get the gross-out of the week when Tara tries to grab the walker, only to get a handful of skin instead. Ewwwww.

  7. Meet The New Bad Guys
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    By the end of the episode, it's clear that all may, in fact, be right in Alexandria. Except... They're weak. They depend on their gates, don't know how to fight, and have a singular lack of knowledge of what life is like outside. There's reasons to be suspicious, too: the gun Rick safely left in a random blender outside a shack was stolen; and beyond D-Bag, there's also the husband of Rick's new love interest (I mean, come on) Samantha, who doesn't seem too happy she was cutting another man's hair.

    Also, it's "The Walking Dead," so something is going to go wrong eventually. There's only so much farming and hand-wringing about the state of the world we can take.

    But the big twist is that at the end of the episode, Rick, newly cop-suited up, confides in Carol and Daryl, who are two sides of the coin: Carol is all dressed up and immediately accepting their new life; Daryl is anything but. And Rick is in the middle, admitting that he likes being a cop again, and is willing to give things a try; but does worry about their weakness.

    "If they can't make it," Rick says, turning menacingly towards the camera. "Then we'll just take this place."

    Look at me. Look at me. I'm the Governor now.

What did you think of the episode? Is Rick heading the group down the path of evil?