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You'll Want To Be In An Action Bronson Music Video After Watching 'Actin Crazy'

Mr. Wonderful is on the way.

Action Bronson makes everything look fun.

The dude is full of life, energy, creativity and personality -- all of which is clear in his music, interviews and web series, "F--k, That's Delicious." And, of course, his music videos -- like his "Actin Crazy," which dropped on Friday (Feb. 27).

Bronsalino's latest is also one of his greatest, as the music video for his Mr. Wonderful single is an exquisite mixture of fun, weirdness and jealousy-inducing chaos. Seriously, this dude makes shooting a music video in front of a green screen look like an incredibly good time.

A few personal highlights: Bronson starts off eating cereal, hands the cereal to an assistant, shoots the video, and gets the cereal handed back to him; he launches into outer space in a rocket ship; he rides a shark; posts up Godzilla and dunks on a ridiculously high hoop.

Understandably, the Queens native looks exhausted when it all ends.

It was worth it from where I sit, though: I don't think I'll be watching something better than this anytime soon.