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Will Smith Picks Apart The 'Beautiful' Art Of 'Focus'

'This movie elevates the psychology of a con in a whole other way.'

With Reporting by Ryan Downey

"I touch you here, I steal from there."

Will Smith can say these words in just about any context, and we'll be happy we heard them. We're even happier that they're coming in the context of "Focus," one of his few starring roles in recent years.

The Oscar-nominated actor plays a con-man who becomes romantically linked with another con artist, played by Margot Robbie, and according to Smith, these two aren't just up to any regular scams; they're creating something "beautiful."

"This movie elevates the psychology of a con in a whole other way," he told MTV News. "It's almost not even fair to call it a con movie. It's so far beyond in comprehension of human behavior, that whole concept of focus and human focus, and what you can do, what you can pull off, when you have someone's focus. It's really a beautiful study in the human mind."

For the film, Smith and Robbie met with a variety of con artists, pick pockets especially. Their takeaway? Not only is it an inadvisable profession on a moral level, it's actually not all that profitable.

"All the pick pockets we met, they say they make more money out of teaching people how to do it, than actually doing it," said Robbie. "So, any aspiring pick pockets out there? Forget about it."

"Focus" is in theaters now.