Nice Guy/ Prank King Justin Bieber Got Bowling Lessons From An Old Lady, Then Twerked For Her

Repeat after me: Bieber Be Ballin.

The kindler, gentler Justin Bieber 2.0 was in full effect on Tuesday night when he dropped by pal Ellen DeGeneres' new prime time hidden camera celebrity prank show "Repeat After Me."

Before he is brought to the verge of tears by ruthless comedians in the upcoming Comedy Central roast, the Biebs made America laugh by taking some bowling lessons from a kindly grey-haired instructor named Tish who appeared not to be a Belieber.

"The Biebs only does hugs," he told Tish as he wrapped his arms around her, complimenting her "nice tush."

"I’m making a movie called Bieber Be Ballin," he joked. "It’s a documentary about how good I am at handling balls."

Tish was a sport about all of it, even when Bieber said "I know my sexiness is distracting," in a message sent to him via earpiece instructions from "The Goldbergs" star and "Repeat" host Wendi McLendon-Covey. "You're driving me crazy," she said. And when he asked Tish if she knew what swagger was, Tish laughed and Bieber brought to the big ammo.

"It's this. Now, twerk," McLendon-Covey told him, reminding Justin all along to stay close to his prank prey.

"It's this," Justin repeated as he shook it for Tish. There were suggestions that Tish get a tattoo of JB's face and queries about whether Tish had ever robbed a liquor store. Going in for another hug and clearly making his instructor a bit uncomfortable with the question, Tish responded that she was no liquor lifter. "Why would I want to do that?"

BTW, Bieber is now kind of besties with his bowling buddy, Tish.

And the Beliebers loved it.