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SMOSH Games Crew Unlocks Surprising Secrets About Themselves

Good news, ladies! If you're reading this, you're Ian and Anthony's type!

There are few players in the game of YouTube parodies and raps who are quite as formidable and ridiculous as the SMOSH crew. We know from their videos that every single one of these yuk yuks couldn't be more video game-obsessed if they were literally made out of pixels...

But what else takes them to the next level of happiness? We chatted up Ian and Anthony (who answered as a duo) and the entire crew to get the scoop on what they're really like IRL. They revealed what they look for in a partner, secrets to their storied pasts and more.

MTV: What do you guys look for in a girl, Ian and Anthony?

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Ian and Anthony: We’re attracted to girls with faces. Have you ever seen a girl with no face? We haven't, but we don’t think we’d be interested in settling down with her.

MTV: Excellent point. Who, then, is your (presumably with-face) celebrity crush?

Ian and Anthony: We’re not into guys, but our celebrity crush is definitely Ryan Gosling.

MTV: Speaking of accomplished artists, where did you guys pick up those rap skills?

Ian and Anthony: The Lonely Island inspired us to get into comedy raps. We don’t really consider ourselves good rappers; we just shout things that rhyme and sometimes it sounds OK. For any aspiring rapper, is definitely your friend.

MTV: Word to that. Let's move onto you, Mari. What do you think people would be surprised to learn about you?

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Mari: I've summited Kilimanjaro, ice climbed in Bolivia, I’m a former professional ballerina ... am I trying to impress you? Yes. Is it working?

MTV: Yes! Does your background in dancing have an impact on how well you can play video games?

Mari: If you're asking if I wreck people in physical games, then yes, absolutely -- my dancing background has an influence. It doesn't come in handy when I'm playing "Super Smash Bros.," though.

MTV: Which SMOSH video was your favorite to make?

Mari: "Grand Theft Smosh" highlights our group interactions and chemistry in a fantastic way.

MTV: All right, Jovenshire ... Anything unusual in your past?

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Jovenshire: I used to be a paranormal investigator.

MTV: Which video games are you having the most fun investigating right now?

Jovenshire: "Dragon Age Inquisition" has turned me into an addict. I'm 140 hours in, and that’s only halfway done.

MTV: Sohinki, what hidden talents do you possess?

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Sohinki: I'm a practiced hip-hop dancer, I've run two Marine Corps Marathons and I once drove a ballistic missile submarine. All of those things are actually true. Even the last one!

MTV: What has been your favorite SMOSH video to exercise your funny muscles in so far?

Sohinki: We all really love doing "Game Bang," but in addition I have a ton of fun shooting "Grand Theft Smosh."

MTV: Last, but certainly not least, LaserCorn. What's something random people might not know about you?

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LaserCorn: I ran the "Ninja Warrior" course wearing a Green Man outfit. It was very hard to see.

Still thirsty for more SMOSH? Good news: According to Ian and Anthony, the SMOSH movie is done shooting and currently being edited. Look out for it soon!