Getty Images/Kevin Winter

This Oscar Winner Figured Out How To Beat That Music That Plays When Your Speech Goes Too Long

Pawel Pawlikowski is an Oscar winner, and a hero.

For most Academy Award nominees, there is no greater glory on Oscar night than taking home a coveted golden statuette. But for one man, winning an Oscar for Best Foreign Language film was only the second most impressive thing he achieved.

The first-most impressive? Waging an epic battle with the orchestra -- and emerging victorious.

Pawel Pawlikowski, who directed Best Foreign Language Film winner "Ida," didn't have time to thank his Polish countrymen before the orchestra started playing, which is supposed to be the cue for winners to wrap up their speeches and exit the stage.

But rather than taking his trophy and going home, Pawlikowski persevered as the music swelled, shouting out names and cracking jokes about how much everybody should be drinking by now, until the orchestra sheepishly accepted defeat and just stopped playing -- which makes Pawel Pawlikowski possibly the first man in history to face the Oscar music and triumph.

Having bested his musical enemy, the director used a solid ten seconds of additional stage time to wrap up his speech. He then blasted a pair of finger guns and moonwalked off the stage, holding up a giant placard that read "SORRY NOT SORRY."

Okay, just kidding, he didn't. But only because he didn't need to.