Why Does 'Challenge' Host TJ Lavin Love Those Trivia Missions So Gosh-Darn Much?

The game's enduring referee insists 'it's not even work.'

For most, trivia just means it's Tuesday night at the corner speakeasy, but for "Challenge" host TJ Lavin, its mention doubles as Christmas morning.

Since his inaugural "Gauntlet 2" days, the BMX pro has relished any mission that involves a Q&A format (especially when it means he gets to drop those who answer questions incorrectly into the water). And on Tuesday night's "Battle of the Exes 2" episode, he was positively tickled through "Are You the One," which left everyone but Jay and Jenna waterlogged.

So what is it about these types of contests that keeps Teej coming back for more? In the video clip below, he explains.

"It's not even work, man," TJ says, describing his fascination with the game show-style gauntlets. "I should be paying you guys for this."

He adds that there's a particular fun in seeing people who are fearful of falling squirm, and that among the many spills and splashes he's seen, Jasmine's and Aneesa's cannonballs still top his list.

"I love water-slams," he admits. "What could possibly be more fun than messing with these kids, right?"

Surprised to hear TJ gets such a kick out of trivia? Watch the clip, and check out a brand-new "Battle of the Exes 2" episode next Tuesday night at 11/10c!