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7 Times Emma Stone Said What We Were All Thinking At Award Shows

"What's your makeup choice tonight?"

It's no secret that we all want Emma Stone to be our best friend. She's hilarious, down-to-earth, and puts Jimmy Fallon’s expert lip-syncing to shame. But most importantly: she doesn't take awards season too seriously. Obviously, it's always an honor to be nominated for your work, but Stone, 26, doesn't let that cloud the silliness of it all.

Through all of the glitz, glamour and mundane red carpet questions, Stone has the uncanny ability to say what we're all thinking. Here are seven examples of her awesomeness below:

  1. "Oh your glam-camming me, I can see you doing it. Wow. Do you like it?"

    We would have loved to see Stone go full-on Cate Blanchett on Ryan Seacrest in this 2015 Golden Globes red carpet interview, but there's always Sunday night's (February 22) Oscars!

  2. "What's your makeup choice tonight?"

    When asked a question about her makeup routine, our heroine then presented the question to her boyfriend Andrew Garfield, and the result is priceless -- and one huge step in the right direction for women on the red carpet.

  3. "Let's dance... let's dance."

    Same, Stone. Same.

  4. "Oh, thank you. That's all that matters."
  5. "No Edward. NO."

    Challenging the patriarchy one step at a time. (Sorry, Edward Norton!)

  6. "I want to wear it right now."

    Because who wouldn't want to change into a comfy cotton t-shirt before sitting down and watching people accept awards for the next three hours?

  7. "Talking about cocaine on E!"

    Speaking to E! News on the 2015 SAG Awards red carpet, our queen opened up about performing for Meryl Streep on Broadway in "Cabaret." "Meryl Streep came last week and I lost my voice," Stone said. “And she was so nice about it, and was like: 'It's the cocaine!' My character does cocaine, not me. Talking about cocaine on E!"

    Emma Stone, living her best life.