Live Nude Spock! Zachary Quinto Is Taking It All Off On 'Girls'

The actor will boldly go where... actually, nevermind. A lot of guys have gone there.

If you haven't heard, the marvelous Zachary Quinto will soon be making an appearance on "Girls." And as he told Seth Meyers last night (February 19), when those episodes air, he will indeed be joining the legions of men who have appeared on the show in naught but their birthday suits.

"You will see a lot of me," Quinto said of his guest spot.

And is that a naked pun? Why, yes. Yes, it is. (He's only actually on the show for two episodes.)

The only caveat: If you were hoping to see the "Star Trek" actor giving the camera a full-frontal, ahem, Vulcan salute, you'll be disappointed, as Quinto revealed that his scenes stop short of showing his starship Enterprise. Womp, womp.