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'Waterworld' Sequel? Don't Hold Your Breath, Says Kevin Costner

And now we're adrift in an ocean of sadness.

With Reporting by Nicole Pajer

"Waterworld" is not a myth. I've seen it!

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And, according to Kevin Costner, so have a bunch of other people around the world — and those people love it.

"People love 'Waterworld,'" the "McFarland USA" star told MTV News. And he's not wrong. We can confirm the existence of at least one super-fan:

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The reality is, we live in a world of remakes and reboots and sequels and such. Any and all existing properties are, at some point or another, considered for a revisit. So why not "Waterworld"? Given the ongoing conversation about global climate change, isn't now the perfect time for a movie about a future where the polar ice caps have melted and covered the world in water?

Maybe not, according to Costner:

And just like that, all our "Waterworld" sequel hopes have been slapped out of our hands.

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