Watch Taylor Lautner Show Off His PARKOUR! Skills In New 'Tracers' Clip

The action thriller opens March 20.

Way back in 2013 when MTV News visited Taylor Lautner on the set of his action thriller “Tracers,” the former “Twilight” hunk told us he’d been practicing really intensely for the role. And judging by this brand-new clip from the film, all that physical training definitely paid off.

For those not in the know, parkour (a.k.a., PARKOUR!) is an urban sport that focuses on moving from place to place as fast as humanly possible. Basically, it’s like making a city your playground while you jump around like a human spider monkey.


So given the fact that he’s a flawlessly-built human being with abs of steel and/or gold, Lautner was a natural choice for the physically demanding movie. He plays Cam, a New York City bike messenger who’s riddled with gang-related debt and falls in with a group that uses parkour to pulls off heists.

In the clip, Cam’s new friend Nikki (played by Lautner’s rumored former flame Marie Avgeropoulos) introduces him to the parkour crew for the first time, and they waste no time hopping around an abandoned ship yard.

Here’s the full trailer for “Tracers,” which is in theaters and on demand on March 20.