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These Photos Of A Baby Transformed By A Makeup App Are Hilarious, Yet Terrifying

I just can't...look away.

As a mom, it's basically your duty to embarrass your child any way you see fit, and one mom in particular just went above and beyond. Imgur user Unicornreality (aka mom Fiona) recently used an app to edit makeup onto the face of her ridiculously adorable infant son, Gabriel, and the results are as hilarious as they are horrifying.

With a little help from the YouCam Makeup app, Gabriel's mom had him werking some pretty glam makeup ~lewks~ for the camera. Check 'em out below, and feel free to take all the beauty inspo (and nightmare fuel) from li'l Gabe that you want. I know I am.

Be patient, Gabriel. Looking like a Kardashian takes work. Just give it time.

Not sure what he's going for here. Coachella-fairy-chic, perhaps?

Something tells me Cher Horowitz would be a big fan of this pastel pink vibe. Also, LOOK AT THOSE LASHES.

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to make your son look absolutely ridiculous with an iPhone app than absolutely boring." ― Marilyn Monroe, I think.

For anyone worrying that the highly realistic makeover (LOL, JK) was legit, Fiona explained, "Hello world. No make up touched Gabriel's skin so don't worry. He is a very, very loved little boy." Clearly she's right, because any mom who would take the time to create such an epic collection of baby photos like this should be instantly crowned Mother Of The Year.

I mean, these are memories Gabriel and Fiona will cherish forever, y'know?