Ian Spanier

Did Jay And Jenna Make The Right Choice As 'Challenge' Power Couple?

The rookies sent Leroy and Nia into the Dome, and Team Red promised revenge.

It was just a few short weeks ago that "Challenge" newbie Jenna wondered aloud, "Who's the president of Wyoming?" But on tonight's episode, she and ex-boyfriend Jay outsmarted the best of 'em and secured their spots in the game's brain trust.

In "Are You the One?" the game's players answered trivia questions while suspended from an especially harrowing height, and TJ explained that if any single team answered two questions incorrectly, both of its members would be dropped into the water below and disqualified. Through most of the mission, it looked like Jordan and Sarah would eventually come away with the W, but when all was said and done, Jay and Jenna -- who answered their very first question incorrectly -- held on long enough to win and earned their standing as Power Couple.

In theory, the win was a best-case scenario for Team Green, but in practice, it proved to be incredibly difficult. At the get-go, Jay and Jenna seemed ready to toss Jordan and Sarah into the Dome, as they'd rejected Jay's proposal for an unofficial alliance, but the SuperDuo managed to talk themselves out of trouble when they convinced the newbies that they'd reconsider a ceasefire. Plus, as far as Jay was concerned, it was likely that Sarah and Jordan would continue to win challenges, and if he could manage to stay out of their sights, he and Jenna had a great chance of surviving the game.

But since Jay and Jenna had already struck deals with two other teams, too, there was only a single remaining team that was eligible to face off against Johnny and Averey, who'd come in last place at the day's mission in an elimination round: Leroy and Nia.

And unfortunately for Jay and Jenna, Leroy and Nia -- who promised they'd seek revenge with the chance -- won "Hooking Up" decisively and proceeded to put the rookies squarely in their crosshairs. "We're screwed, pretty much," Jenna observed after TJ announced the elimination game's victors. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, friends!

What do you think -- did Jay and Jenna make the right choice by nominating Leroy and Nia, and are their days in Panama numbered? Tell us what you think, and be sure to tune in to the next "Battle of the Exes 2" episode next Tuesday at 11/10c!