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'Ant-Man' Makes A Big Splash At Toy Fair

Because ants are small, get it?

First, a complaint: as hilarious as it is that toy companies like Hasbro and LEGO are putting out super tiny collectibles for Marvel's upcoming "Ant-Man," they're also really freaking hard to photograph.

Okay, griping out of the way, "Ant-Man" -- even more than "Avengers: Age of Ultron" -- seemed to be the big winner at this year's Toy Fair in New York. Though there wasn't a ton of product available to view, what was there was eaten up by the audience at the convention, and online. We know, because our most discussed and shared tweet of the entire event was about "Ant-Man" toys.

So with that, and a fair amount of photoshop clean-up out of the way, here's some of the coolest tiny hero toys we saw this weekend (February 14).

  • Hasbro's Ant-Man
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Yup, that's Paul Rudd's Ant-Man all right. But check out his way bigger friend...

  • Hasbro's Ant
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Sincerely hoping the ant's name is "May."

  • Is It Too Late To Change The Size?

    Seriously, this was really difficult to photograph.

  • Yellowjacket, And Two Ant-Men?
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    It's possible this is villain Yellowjacket, Paul Rudd's Ant-Man suit, and Michael Douglas' Ant-Man suit, but we're more concerned about that giant screw for size comparison.

  • LEGO My Ants
    Alex Zalben/MTV News

    Aw, so many ants. A large ant, and two small ants. I wonder if the Master Builder who designed this ever thought, "Hey, some day I'm going to help kids build an ant." Probably not.

  • LEGOs Building LEGOs

    How hilarious is that? Our LEGO rep couldn't confirm whether this was in the movie, but the LEGO "Ant-Man Final Battle" sets actually come packaged with gigantic LEGOs.

LEGO and Hasbro's "Ant-Man" products go on sale soon.