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Nicki Minaj Got An Adorable Valentine From An Adorable Little Man

Pay attention, fellas: this little dude knows how to win the ladies.

Nicki Minaj may insist that she’s lovin’ the single life (Meek Mill rumors be damned), but on Valentine’s Day, no one can resist the utter charm of little curly-haired tots. Especially ones who bring you flowers and pink teddy bears.

Nicki showed off her adorable Valentine’s surprise to the world in this aww-dorable Instagram video.

The lovable little man in question is Zeplin, the son of celeb makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, who’s one of Nicki’s best buds.

Bonelli is also the mastermind behind tons of glam Kardashian looks, and she and Zep are good friends of the Kardashian/West/Disick clan.

Zeplin’s obviously a cool little dude with friends in high places, so we give your Valentine our kiss of approval, Nicki!