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36 Must-Have Items On Your Ultimate College Senior Year Bucket List

Get busy living, or get busy studying.

By Grace Woodrow

Four years filled with new friendships, overwhelming course loads, plenty of coffee, lots of studying, too much partying and excessive amounts of Ramen noodles. We’d like to be one of the first to congratulate you on making it this far! You’ve reached the final stretch. The “best years of your life” have suddenly flown by, and now you’re going into complete panic mode. Fear not my friends, you’re not done yet! To help you take these last months by storm, we've compiled the ultimate bucket list of things you've been meaning to do since freshman year. Get busy reading, then get busy checking them off.

  1. Sign Up For An Intramural Team

    We know it’s been years since you dusted off your old cleats. Don’t stress if you’re a little rusty. Seriously, it’s just soccer [or insert your sport here].

  2. Revisit Your Favorite Frat House From Freshman Year

    Is it just me or was this a lot more fun four years ago? Somehow grinding on each other in a grungy basement in the presence of 100 other sweaty freshmen has just lost its appeal.

  3. Try To Go The Whole Week Without Eating Pizza

    LOL, good luck.

  4. Skip The Cliché Spring Break And Go Somewhere To Volunteer

    Most schools offer alternative spring break programs that sponsor community service trips around the nation and the world.

  5. Host A Blood Drive

    Well, when you put it that way...

  6. Go Rock Climbing In The College Gym

    If your gym has rock climbing, you know damn well you’re already paying for it in your tuition. Unleash your inner Katniss.

  7. Attempt To Cook A Full Four-Course Meal With Your Roomies

    Easier said than done.

  8. Audition For Your School’s Musical Theater Production

    So maybe you've never been a singer, or a dancer, or even an actor, but what do you have to lose?

  9. Go On A Bar-Crawl With The Kids From Your Freshman Dorm

    You all started from the bottom, and now you're here. Reminisce on old times and compliment yourselves on how far you've come. Brag if you have a house off campus with your own washer and dryer.

  10. Join A Radical Activist Group On Campus

    You can even create one yourself. Stand up for something or fall for anything.

  11. Run A School Sponsored 5k

    Or you know, something like that.

  12. Sing Your Heart Out At Karaoke Night

    Anything but Journey, please.

  13. Go To The Career Fair And Hand Out Your Resume

    Confidence is key.

  14. Attend A Game For Each School Sport

    But don't mess with the mascot.

  15. Get All Of Your Friends To Actually Go Out On A Tuesday

    Stop playing this song at your pregames on Friday, you big phony!

  16. Be The Last One Standing At A Dance Marathon


  17. Ask A Freshman-Year Fling Out For Coffee

    Yes, now that you're an adult, you "get coffee" when catching up with someone you used-to-have-a-thing with.

  18. Dye Your Hair A Wacky Color

    Get it out of your system. The corporate world won't appreciate your "self expression."

  19. Go To The Wrong Class, On Purpose

    Changing your major three times sophomore year didn’t leave room for free electives. Find a class that interests you and just sit in for fun.

  20. Visit Another Friend At His Or Her College

    Roll your eyes all you want, but come on, you’ve been promising to do so since graduating high school.

  21. Ask Your Hot Teaching Assistant Out For Happy Hour

    They might even accept...and drink you under the table.

  22. Abuse Your Student Discount Privileges

    Did you know Chipotle offers a free drink with any purchase and a valid student ID? Do some research and find more awesome deals.

  23. Crash A Greek Life Event

    Oh please! You’re super cool, maybe just not particularly welcome? In the event you are a part of Greek life, crash another fraternity or sorority event other than your own.

  24. Get People From Your Major Together Outside Of Class

    Countless classes together over the years, but you never really hit it off. You'll have more in common than you think. Plus, you can definitely use this time to network.

  25. Attend An On Campus TED Talk

    No, watching "Ted" the movie for the third time this week does not count.

  26. Get A Meaningless Tattoo

    You are forgiven for choices made during college. But for the record, tattoos like Left Shark are incredibly meaningful so don’t let the haters stop you now.

  27. Quit Your Part-Time Job

    After working doubles on your days off and busting your butt while others partied it up, you’ve earned a stress-free and fun-filled last semester.

  28. Pull A Non-Academic All-Nighter With Someone You Just Met


  29. Start Planning An After-Graduation Road Trip With Friends

    Everyone tells you to travel after college before working full-time. Trust them.

  30. Go See Your School’s A Cappella Group

    Aca-awesome. (They're probably way cooler than you think).

  31. Take A Selfie With Every One Of Your Friends

    Those pictures will come in handy when you make your Kim K. inspired selfie book.

  32. Allow Yourself A Morning Walk Of Shame

    Be smart and safe!

  33. Theme An Entire Week Based On Alliteration

    Mellow Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Workout Wednesdays...

  34. Make The Most Creative Graduation Cap

    Or just make nachos in your grad cap.

  35. Start Applying To Jobs

    Does your resume need some help standing out from the rest? Barney Stinson, master of the "possimpible," has your back.

  36. Pass All Of Your Classes And Graduate!

    But for the love of god, cherish it. Cherish it.