The 'Girls' Give Their Best Tips For A Single Girl On Valentine's Day

Stay in, go out, ignore it -- do you.

February 14 is once again upon us, and you're single. Again. The closest thing you have to a bae is Netflix, and the only way you'll be getting horizontal is on your couch, marathoning "Dance Moms." (Again.)

We've all been there, and the cast of "Girls" is no exception. Hannah and the gang face their fair share of romantic misadventures on the HBO show, and the stars have as well. MTV News chatted with the cast on the season four premiere red carpet, where they offered their best advice for single girls on Valentine's Day. (Keep an eye out for beloved "Girls" pals Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer from "Broad City" as well.)

From staying home to going out to ignoring the whole thing altogether, check out their advice.

Perhaps Zosia Mamet said it best: "Ah, f--k Valentine's Day, man!" Sing it, sister.