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After Arrest, Benzino Says Drugs Were In The Police Car, Not His

Marijuana residue was reportedly found on the rapper's waistband.

Benzino was arrested Wednesday (Feb. 11) for possession of marijuana, driving without a seatbelt, and driving with a suspended license. However, Benzino’s camp says that the details surrounding the drugs are sketchy.

"There has been a report that there was a stash of drugs in Benzino’s car,” the rapper’s attorney said in a video released by TMZ. "That is false. In fact, the police officer’s report clearly states that marijuana was found inside of the officer’s vehicle.”

However, law enforcement officials say that the marijuana was not in their car before the rapper was placed in the vehicle. They say they then checked Benzino and found marijuana residue on his waistband and on his right hand’s fingertips.

Benzino’s attorneys added that the rapper’s license has been reinstated and that they expect the charges will be “resolved shortly.”

Last year, Benzino, who is famous for his involvement in “Love & Hip Hop” and a longstanding feud with Eminen, made headlines after he was shot multiple times at his mother’s funeral.

In January, ‘Zino also faced legal trouble when he was arrested at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport after truing to board a flight while in possession of a loaded gun.