Taylor Swift's 'Style' Teaser Features A Mysterious Eye -- And We Don't Think It's Harry's

We need answers, Taylor.

When it comes to identifying the inspiration for Taylor Swift's "Style," it's pretty widely held that he is none other than a man sharing the same name as the title (plus an "S"). However, Swift has us all confused with the newest tease for that song's video. How so? Well, here's a clue: The eyes are the windows to the soul.


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Tay previously dropped teasers featuring copious smoke and ghostly trees, but no other humans. This tease, however, contains a pair of eyes -- superimposed on her dancing form: one blue and one brown.

As Swifites, we know that one of the peepers does not belong to Taylor -- it's brown, while hers are blue -- but as Directioners, we also know that it can't be representative of Harry Styles', either, because his eyes are green. You know, like in "Wonderland."

So, dear Tay, who does that eye belong to? Did you cast a brown-eyed actor to throw us off the scent? Is "Style" about someone else, after all? Or are we way too obsessed with the minutia?

We'll just have to wait until the video drops Friday to find out.