Hold That Cup Like...Lemonade? Watch This Girl's Flawless Beyonce Cover

It's '7/11' shot for shot! Give or take a 'KALE' sweatshirt.

One of the coolest things about Beyoncé's "7/11" video is that, with its quick-cut scenes, lo-fi aesthetic and use of blowdryers and other at-home appliances for props, it kind of looks like a compilation of fan-shot Vines imitating some higher-budget Bey video to begin with.

It's a video that any member of the BeyHive (or Little Mix, or Rita Ora) could recreate if they had a couple of hours to kill, and now another young fan has done just that.

Major #latepass on Kyla Imani's "7/11" video, which she originally posted in December, but it's just so good.

Kyla Imani, 13, recreated the BEYONCÉ: Platinum Edition track's video almost shot for shot, with a couple of key changes, like changing the lyric "hold that cup like alcohol" to the more age-appropriate "hold that cup like lemonade." The "KALE" sweatshirt's also been replaced by "YALE" track jacket, and there's no bajillion-dollar Givenchy gown -- but, like, how much Givenchy does the average, non-Beyoncé person own?